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Project Title3DRolling: 3D Printed Objects Using a Scalable Roll-to-Roll Process
Track Code6948
Short Description

This new approach for quickly printing 3D objects uses roll-to roll processing. Initial tests shows a 10X enhancement in speed compared to traditional layer by layer approaches.


Our approach allows for quick printing of soft, fabric-based 3D-objects by rolling a pattern around a spindle. CAD software allows calculation of a 2D-cutting pattern based on a 3D-model. The pattern is cut and glued in one step using a modified commercial large-bed laser cutter. Finally the extra material is removed to obtain the final object. The resolution of the final object is predominantly determined by the thinness of the rolled material; thinner material will permit higher resolution.


Preliminary results show an enhancement in speed of more than 10X compared to current methods where the object is built by cutting and then piling layers of material on top of each other. Our roll-to-roll based technique can easily be extended to a wide variety of rollable materials including fabric, felt, paper, leather, plastics and wood veneer.


Potential Applications

· Rapid prototyping

· High speed manufacturing of soft objects



· Dramatic enhanced speed compared to comparable 2D layering or 3D printing methods

· Suitable for a variety of materials

· Uses industry accepted roll-to-roll methods

· Electronics/sensors can easily be integrated using multi-roll setups


KEYWORDS: 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing, Output Devices, computer hardware, manufacturing, modelling, physical sciences, printing, roll-to-roll

Tags3D printing, Additive Manufacturing, computer hardware, manufacturing, modelling, Output Devices, printing, roll-to-roll, physical sciences
Posted DateOct 11, 2017 10:15 AM


Francois Guimbretiere

Additional Information

Francois Guimbretiere. “3d printing of rolled materials” International Patent Application No: PCT/US2016/028111

Licensing Contact

Martin Teschl, Technology Commercialization & Liaison Officer
(607) 254-4454


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