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  • Stephen Marschner
  • Francois Guimbretiere
  • Huaishu Peng
  • Rundong Wu



Project TitleHigh-Speed 3D Printing of Wireframe Prototypes
Track Code7401
Short Description

WirePrint: 3D Printing of Wireframe Models using Commercial Printers

On-The-Fly Print: Enhanced 5-Degrees of Freedom Wireframe 3D Printer and Software


Our recently developed wireframe 3D printing system can be implemented for both traditional 3D printers (WirePrint Software) as well as with our enhanced printer setup having 5 degrees of freedom (On-The-Fly Print Software and Printer). High speed prototyping can be accomplished ~10x faster using WirePrint and off the shelf printers. For applications where ultra-high throughput prototyping is needed, On-The-Fly Print Software can boost throughput by over 30x using our 5DOF based printer enhancements and custom algorithms.

AbstractWirePrint: Technology Overview

WirePrint software was developed for generating and printing low fidelity 3D wireframe previews of designed objects -- to scale and at high speed. The software is usable with most consumer-level 3D printers and allows low-cost and high-speed production of work-in-progress prototypes.


The filament is extruded directly into 3D space as opposed to traditional layer-by-layer application. This approach allows the edges of the wireframe model to be created directly, one stroke at a time, resulting in speeds up to ten times faster than traditional layer-based printing. 3D prototypes can be produced in minutes rather than hours, allowing designers to quickly see the practical results of minute changes or additions, minimizing the cost of changes in design. As an example, a bottle that would typically take about two hours with regular printing software, was printed in 14 minutes with WirePrint. Our software can easily transform a regular, solid design STL file into a mesh structure for rapid prototyping.



On-The-Fly Print: Technology Overview

As an additional step up in speed and capabilities, we offer “On-The-Fly Print”. Cornell researchers developed a new printing system and software that takes advantage of a custom printer modification allowing for 5 degrees of freedom (5DOF). With two additional rotation axes, the edges of an object can be approached by the printer head from any direction, speeding up the print process and enabling printing of more versatile designs. This is combined with custom algorithms to generate a printing plan that guarantees a smooth, collision free printing process.


In addition, the Cornell On-the-Fly 3D printing system allows the user to begin printing during the design phase as well as modify an object in real time. The software can start printing features as they are created digitally, a cutting tool enables automated removal/deletion of already printed parts. If a user wants to measure or examine a printed object, they can pause the printing process and remove the object from the printer. After examination, the object can be replaced and the software will continue printing where it left off.




Potential Applications

· 3D wireframe printing

· High speed prototyping

· Design tool for rapid prototyping of 3D objects, particularly suited for early prototypes and works-in-progress



· Saves time by printing 10-30 times faster, enabling rapid prototyping

· Wireframe structures require less material per iteration

· Flexibility to incorporate solid surfaces into the wireframe prototype

· WirePrint is compatible with many existing 3D printers—no hardware changes required



On-The-Fly Print

· Allows for design changes during the printing process

· 5 degrees of freedom for higher speed and more versatile designs possible

· Ability for error correction and removing material

· Rapid cooling of extruded film

· Collision-free printing process


KEYWORDS: Physical Sciences, Computer Hardware, Output Devices, Computer Software, Applications, Modelling, Materials,Composites, 3D Printing, Wireprint

Tags3D printing, applications, composites, computer hardware, computer software, materials, modelling, Output Devices, physical sciences
Posted DateSep 19, 2017 4:41 PM


Stephen Marschner
Francois Guimbretiere
Huaishu Peng
Rundong Wu

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Martin Teschl, Technology Commercialization & Liaison Officer
(607) 254-4454


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