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Project TitleHigh Performing p-type Transparent Conducting Films via Solution Processing
Track Code6669
Short Description

P-type transparent conducting oxide (TCO) thin films were synthesized of misfit-layered calcium cobalt oxide using a cost-effective, scaleable solution process.



Sol-gel chemistry, spin coating or spray pyrolysis, and heat treatments are utilized to produce the high-performing films. Process parameters can be varied to produce sheet resistance as low as 5.7 kOhm/sq or with average visible range transparency as high as 67%, and optical transmission as high as 85% in the near infrared region. The top-performing film resulted in a 151 MOhm-1 figure of merit -- higher than other solution-processed, p-type TCO thin films and most others prepared by more expensive vapor deposition methods.


This new method should be applicable to a variety of materials, including atomically layered metal oxides, misfit layered metal oxides, and others. It presents opportunities for new TCO compositions in applications such as liquid crystal displays, solar cells, and touch screens, among others.


Potential Applications

  • Efficient charge injection layers for organic light emitting diodes
  • Solar cells with better band-matching current collectors
  • Invisible circuits
  • Near-infrared optoelectronics where n-type TCOs provide poor optical transmission



  • High performing, uniform p-type conductor
  • Cost-effective, scaleable process
  • Low-cost materials compared to typical n-type charge carrier (ITO)
  • Applicable to a variety of compositions


Tagscoatings, films, inorganic chemistry, physical science
Posted DateFeb 23, 2015 9:52 AM


Mahmut Aksit
Richard Robinson

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Carolyn A. Theodore
607 254 4514