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  • Francois Guimbretiere
  • Sangha Im
  • Patrick Baudisch
  • Stefanie Mueller
  • Lisa Pfisterer
  • Serafima Gurevich
  • Alex Teibrich



Project TitleWirePrint: 3D-Printed Wireframe Previews for Rapid Prototyping
Track Code6773
Short Description

WirePrint software was developed for generating and 3D printing low fidelity wireframe previews of designed objects -- to scale and at high speed. The software is capable of working with just about any consumer-level 3D printer and is perfect for producing work-in-progress prototypes.


Printing speed is maximized by extruding filament directly in 3D space, rather than layer-by-layer. This approach allows the edges of the wireframe model to be created directly, one stroke at a time, resulting in speeds up to ten times faster than traditional layer-based printing.


Prototyping 3D objects in minutes rather than hours allows designers to quickly see the practical results of their minute changes or additions. As an example, a bottle that would typically take about two hours with regular printing software was printed in 14 minutes with WirePrint. The software has the option of incorporating some fully printed, solid surfaces into the mesh design if the designer wishes to see part of the design in detail, such as a logo or face. Furthermore, it can easily transform a regular, solid design STL file into a mesh structure for rapid prototyping.


Potential Applications

  • Design tool for rapid prototyping of 3D objects, especially early prototypes and works-in-progress



  • Saves time by printing up to 10 times faster
  • Wire structure uses less material
  • Flexibility to incorporate solid surfaces into the wireframe prototype
  • Compatible with many existing 3D printers with no changes required
Tags3D printing, computer software, Novel Processes, physical science
Posted DateSep 26, 2014 1:56 PM


Francois Guimbretiere
Sangha Im
Patrick Baudisch
Stefanie Mueller
Lisa Pfisterer
Serafima Gurevich
Alex Teibrich

Additional Information

  • Mueller, S.; Im, S.; Gurevich, S.; Teibrich, A.; Pfisterer, L.; Guimbretière, F.; and Baudisch, P., "WirePrint: 3D Printed Previews for Fast Prototyping," Proceedings of UIST 2014,(to appear).

Licensing Contact

Martin Teschl
(607) 254-4454