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Project TitleOrthogonal Processing of Multiple Block Copolymers
Track Code5266
Short Description

A new orthogonal processing approach  is introduced that allows for the spin-coating of multiple polymer films on the same wafer layer.


Using an orthogonal processing approach, a semi-fluorinated photoresist/solvent system can be spin-coated on top of many organic polymer films without any swelling or intermixing.


Two block copolymers with different self-assembled domain sizes and pitches were deposited using a combined additive and subtractive patterning technique. Multiple sizes and pitches of self-assembled features enable greater process complexity for future block copolymer lithography. This approach could potentially be extended to many other applications requiring adjacent placement of micro-patterned solution-processable materials, such as organic integrated circuitry.


Until now, block copolymers have been limited to the use of only one pattern per layer due to the damage and intermixing caused by the spin coating of a second polymer solution on top of the first polymer film. This invention circumvents this problem by applying the concept of orthogonal processing to patterning block copolymer films. The invention uses a semi-fluorinated photoresist/solvent system to selectively pattern or lift-off the block copolymers and then recovers them intact. This approach can enable removable templating of self-assembly and also multiple block copolymers, morphologies or domain sizes on the same layer which can open the door to self-assembly of a wider range of geometries than possible before.


Potential Applications:

  • Next generation lithography
  • Integrated organic circuitry, etc.



  • Allows multiple patterns per layer without damage and intermixing
  • Reliable, cost-effective method for extending lithographic patterning into the sub-20 micron regime


TagsNovel Processes, physical science, polymers, Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits, photoresist
Posted DateMay 29, 2012 9:45 AM


Jin-Kyun Lee
Sandip Tiwari
Christopher Ober
Evan Schwartz
Wei Chan

Additional Information

US Patent 9,389,511

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Carolyn Theodore
(607) 254-4514